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Version 1.5.5 now available


iBridge allows you to control your Roku SoundBridge from your Windows desktop. Version 1.5.x will only work correctly with the version 3 and above of the SoundBridge firmware.  Version 1.1.1 should work with both the release and beta versions of the SoundBridge firmware. However, NowPlaying Insert and Clear functions will only work using the beta versions.

Version 1.4.2 includes volume control. Version 1.4.1 now allows full Browsing by Genre, Artist, and album.  Selecting on Genre will update the list of Artist, Albums, and Songs.  Selecting on Artist will update Albums and Songs.  Replace or insert all or selected Songs in your queue.  You can even select the order you want them played.  Simply use control and mouse click on the song and click Queue Selection.

Make sure to Installation Microsoft .Net Version 2.0.

Push buttons are available for Stop, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Shuffle, and Repeat.

The currently playing songs information is continually updated.

The now playing queue is displayed with a check mark next to the currently playing song. Double click on a song and the SoundBridge will switch to that track. Detailed information about each song in the now playing queue can be retrieved at the push of a button. Beware that it updates at about 4 tracks per second. It will stop you from updating when there are more then 200 songs to protect you from yourself. Yes I will make that a configurable option in the future.

Version 1.1.1 only: Double clicking on a song in either the playlist song list or album song list will queue the entire list of songs and start playing at the double clicked track. If Insert is selected (by enabling the “Insert” check box) then double clicking will append that track to the now playing queue. The is true for double clicking on playlist or albums in insert mode. Beware, that insert mode is much slower.

For those of you who use iTunes as your server, you can optionally connect to your iTunes library (hence the reason for calling this app iBridge). You can browse your iTunes library very quickly by genre, artist, title as you would in iTunes and select songs to play. These songs are inserted into the now playing queue. This feature uses the new InsertNowPlaying commands in the SoundBridge beta. It will not work in the release versions. Inserted songs from the iTunes form will show in the now playing queue at the end. However if you are in shuffle mode, who knows where the songs will actually be placed. A manual refresh of the now playing queue will be required.

To get started, download (Version 1.1.1  iBridge.zip  or Version 1.5.5 iBridge_1.5.5.zip) of the iBridge software. No installation program is included or needed. You are downloading only a small executable. Put it wherever you wish. An xml file will be created with your configuration information in the executing directory. This is a Dot Net 2.0 application so make sure you have that software loaded from Microsoft.

Make sure you configuration the IP address of your SoundBridge in the configuration page (Commands->Configure). When the application starts it will use the currently selected server or attach to the server you configure. The “default server” configuration option allows you to choose which server is automatically connected. This is a number where 0 is the first server, 1 is the second, and so on.

If you wish to use the iTunes library then you must include a path to your iTunes XML library. The default path is C:\Documents and Settings\You\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml. Press the default button on the configuration screen and it should find this default path for you.

After you have configured your SoundBridge IP address the very first time you run the application, either restart the iBridge will automatically connect you, or use the commands->connect option.

Source code now available in C# .Net Visual Studio 2005 ( )



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